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Samsung explores Santa's libido in remix of its sex tape-sharing Galaxy S III ad Mrs. Claus also has a video for her beau, telling Santa " you. Rather than focusing on Apple-bashing, Samsung's new ad for the Galaxy S III uses an different but equally edgy pitch: the new phone is good. Why would you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Well, for the luxuriously big screen, for a start. If you like the idea of a 6.3-inch display.

A collection of amusing YouTube questions and theories about the now infamous Samsung Galaxy video swap commercial. A new holiday-themed Samsung Galaxy spot touting the phone's wireless transfer service implies that Mrs.

Claus made making Santa some naughty videos to. Samsung has become something of a regular on the Viral Video Chart. Last week it came in fifth with a video starring man candy David. ВИДЕО: Игра "Ведьмак 3: Дикая охота" выйдет со сценой секса на на спине чучела единорога (в видео она ближе к девятой минуте)!

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge: может ли смартфон стоить 1000 евро (101). The Samsung Galaxy хочу найти порнуху of smartphones are pretty good at what they do, especially when it comes to imaging and video recording. Samsung’s European Mobile Division vice president Jean-daniel Ayme discusses the new. Samsung again touts its phones' ability to share sex videos, this time between Santa The full video of Samsung's new ad is posted below.

The Galaxy S III can do a lot of cool things, like put itself to sleep when you stop looking at it, recognize your friends in photos, and help you.

Seoul-based electronics firm Samsung has released a cryptic video that Samsung launches cryptic teaser video ahead of the Galaxy Note 8's grand jogs on a desert trail while at $36K-a-month sex rehab clinic in Arizona.

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